Portfolio Building

Would you like to know how to build a great portfolio as an IMG so that you can progress in your medical career in the NHS?

Why It Is Important To Learn About Portfolio Building

Much of your career progression will depend on your portfolio. The portfolio will be used to evaluate you when applying for jobs, in career progression, and in annual appraisals. Knowing what goes into your portfolio will help you start to develop it from an early stage, and help maximise your professional success.

What Is Portfolio Building?

A portfolio is a record of your achievements. It evidences that you have achieved the neccessary learning outcomes and is used to assess application to and progress on training programmes, revalidation, and job applications. Clinical audits, quality improvement, research, clinical experience, and leadership all contribute to the portfolio, excelling in each area can maximise your success.

Featured Course: Introduction to Clinical Governance

How The Course Works?

A series of three webinars covering clinical audit, quality improvement and leadership & management.

Pre-recorded training videos

Course certificate

CPD Points

How The Course Will Help You

Learn the importance of clinical governance within the NHS, the processes involved in completing an audit/quality improvement and further develop leadership & management skills.

About The Course Instructor

Dr Adam Jakes


Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

PG cert (Health Research, Clinical Education & Healthcare Leadership)

Who Is This Course For?

All healthcare professionals applying for NHS clinical jobs

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