Writing a Medical CV

We are absolutely sure that you know how important a CV is in order to be invited to interviews and, of course, start building your career in the NHS.

However, knowing what to include in your CV and in what order can be quite challenging.

Why It Is Important To Learn About Medical CVs

CVs are an important part of every doctors portfolio, whether you are a junior doctor producing a CV as part of your portfolio assessment, a trainee applying for locum jobs, or a consultant citing your CV as an addition to your application on the NHS jobs portal.

What Is a Medical CV?

A CV is a living and breathing document, representing a summary of your medical career to date. Even with a brief look, it should also be a selling document clearly portraying why you are the best candidate for the NHS role you are applying for. To make it look professional and well-ordered, your CV should represent an official document containing the best of your experience, qualifications and skills.

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Register and select
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About The Product


TrewLink is the first peer-to-peer support platform helping International Medical Graduates(IMGs) transition into a career in a new country. Starting with the UK and the NHS, our mission is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to do their best work and live their best lives, wherever they choose for that to be. 


Our vision is to create a home away from home for IMGs.

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IMGs wanting to secure a job in the NHS.

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