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Jobs in the UK for IMGs vary, there is competition at various stages, and across different geographic areas; it is wise to be as informed as possible, and as early as possible to stand the best chance.

Why It Is Important To Learn About NHS Jobs

It is a good idea before you come to the UK to research the job that you want and assess yourself against the eligibility criteria.

Employers will check that you have the appropriate qualifications and can demonstrate that you can communicate effectively in English.

It is a good idea to check the job descriptions, entry criteria, experience required; and assess yourself against these to understand any gaps and think of how you can mitigate these.

Knowing the following key information can help you make the best possible start:

– Get your CV up to date.
– Start or maintain your portfolio, ensuring that it is full to the brim i.e., your qualifications, your reports, feedback, and reflections are all included.
– Focus you on your language skills.
– Build your network – this will help you find opportunities.

What Are The Different Types of NHS Jobs?

There are a variety of career pathways open to IMGs wanting to secure their first job and develop their career in the NHS.

Med school: This can be 5-6 years.

Foundation: Foundation programme is 2 years and forms a bridge between medical school and clinical practice.
Entering F1 you must have Provisional Registration with the GMC, entering F2 you must have Full Registration.

Core training: You can decide to enter core training after Foundation, this is called an uncoupled training programme e.g., Surgery or Internal Medicine. Once this is finished you can apply competitively into a Higher Specialty Training programme.

Run-through training programme: A run-through training programme such as General Practice or Psychiatry, which through a competitive process, will take you all the way up to the specialist register in that training programme.

Standalone training posts: There are also Standalone FY2 posts and Standalone training posts e.g., FTSTAs, LAT.

Non-Training posts: These are Non-Training posts where you are applying for individual jobs that are advertised locally.

Featured Service: TrewLink NHS Jobs

How The Service Works?

We are very delighted to announce that we have NHS jobs on our platform, TrewLink.com. It is absolutely FREE to register and apply for any job listed in the ‘Jobs’ section.

How The Service Will Help You

Find jobs specifically for international medical grduates i.e., jobs that offer visa sponsorship and do not require prior NHS experience.

About The Service Provider


TrewLink: TrewLink is the first peer-to-peer support platform helping International Medical Graduates(IMGs) transition into a career in a new country. Starting with the UK and the NHS, our mission is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to do their best work and live their best lives, wherever they choose for that to be.

Our vision is to create a home away from home for IMGs.

Who Is This Service For?

IMGs wanting to secure a job in the NHS.

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