GMC Registration

As you may already know, in order to work in the UK as a doctor, you must hold GMC registration with a licence to practice. There are two types of registration: provisional and full.

Why It Is Important To Learn About GMC Registration

Provisional registration is granted to newly graduated doctors right after completing UK medical school. It allows them to complete the first year (F1) of the 2-year Foundation Programme in the UK (UK-FP). The UK-FP is a 2-year UK internship that forms a bridge between medical school and clinical practice.

Provisional registration can also be granted to International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who graduated from non-UK medical school and decided to complete the UK-FP. To be eligible for provisional registration, IMGs must meet certain criteria: have an acceptable primary medical qualification, passed the PLAB test and have not completed an internship. We will create a separate post about the UK-FP application process for IMGs.

Full licence to practice is granted after successful completion of the first year (F1) of the UK-FP and stays valid during all following years of training and active clinical practice.

What Is GMC Registration?

There are 7 essential steps to consider when applying for GMC registration. These are:


Step 1. Holding an acceptable Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ)

Step 2. Having your PMQ independently verified by the ECFMG

Step 3. Demonstrating your English language skills

Step 4. Demonstrating your medical knowledge and skills

Step 5. Demonstrating your fitness to practice

Step 6. Making an online application and submitting key documents

Step 7. ID Check


After your application is approved, you will need to attend an ID check at the GMC. It can be done in person in one of the GMC offices either in London or Manchester. You would need to be in the UK, either on your visitor or working visa (if you have already got one).

The GMC will inform you by email about the list of documents you will have to take with you. Usually, these are the documents that you submitted earlier in the application. During the ID check, you will have to fill the declaration form. The GMC will check original documents and take a photo of you for their records. Usually, the whole process takes 20-30 minutes.

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