English Language Proficiency

When you apply for registration with a license to practice the GMC needs proof that you have the necessary knowledge of English to practise safely in the UK.

Why It Is Important To Learn About English Language Proficiency

As part of the key steps towards your GMC Registration is to evidence your ability to successfully communicate clearly and effectively in English. It is important to be aware of the evidence, information and documents you need to satisfy the English language requirements within your GMC Registration – meaning you have a better chance of meeting the criteria and taking the next steps in your medical career.

What Is English Language Proficiency?

Communication is defined as speaking, reading, listening and writing and your evidence must demonstrate competence in these four mandatory skills. This can be done by:

1) Taking the IELTS or OET exam – For the GMC to accept your IELTS or OET, your certificates must meet the following criteria:

– IELTS (Academic version) – minimum 7.0 in all elements, the overall score of 7.5

– OET (Medicine version) – Grade B or above in all elements

– IELTS or OET must be less than 2 years old

– the minimum score must be achieved in one sitting

2) A recent PLAB 2 pass – On 8th June 2021, the GMC announced that until March 2023 they will accept a recent PLAB 2 pass at registration as evidence that an IMG doctor maintained English language skills up to date. To be eligible for this when you apply for registration you must have:

passed PLAB 2 less than 3 months before you apply for GMC registration.

achieved the minimum scores in IELTS/OET less than 3 years ago.

3)Providing a reference from your employer

As an alternative to the IELTS/ OET certificates, you can provide a reference from your employer if you have had continuous practice in a country where English is the first and native language during the last two years immediately preceding the application.

4) Using your UK job offer

As another alternative, the GMC may be able to accept an offer of employment as proof of your English proficiency. If you are applying to take the PLAB test or applying for registration with an offer of sponsorship, you cannot use your offer of employment to demonstrate your knowledge of English. You can only use your offer of employment as evidence of your knowledge of English if it is from a UK healthcare organisation. This organisation must be a designated body. Your UK employer should email GMC a completed English language reference form from the doctor who appointed you. It should meet all of the criteria as documented in the form guide.

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