Communicating as a UK doctor

How Would You Like To Thrive As A Doctor In The U.K. By Improving Your Communication And Cultural Understanding So You Can Build Trust And Respect With Your Patients And Colleagues?

Why It Is Important To Learn About Communication

Being a doctor is not just about knowledge and skills, it’s about how we communicate them with our patients and colleagues. In Britain, there is a strong emphasis on collaboration with the patient, involving them in their care and working as a team. Unlike in some other cultures, British people expect to be involved in their care and often need to build trust with the doctor before they respect their information and decisions. Communication skills and the ability to build rapport are therefore paramount.

And further to this, if you look at most complaints within the NHS, there is nearly always a breakdown of communication that has occurred at some point which has been instrumental in forming the complaint.

Effective communication reduces complaints, builds trusting relationships with your patients, achieves better compliance, better patient outcomes and ultimately better job satisfaction! 

What Is Communication?

We use this word a lot but what does it actually mean? 

The truth is that most of what we communicate has nothing to do with the words we actually say! Which is why focusing on the technical aspects of the English language such as grammar, sentence structure or vocabulary has little impact on communication skills. 

Between 70% and 93% of all we communicate is our non-verbal communication. This has more power and influence in the messages we send, and yet what’s valued non-verbally is heavily influenced by culture. Understanding these foundations is essential to understand the root of communication difficulties, and to utilising the most powerful communication skills we possess! 

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How The Course Works?

The 20 day group course runs each month starting on the 1st and is delivered through a private Facebook group. Every morning for the first 10 days you will receive a link to access a training video of around 30 minutes long. These 10 videos are pre-recorded and can be watched whenever your schedule allows within the 20 days.

Bonus resource explaining hundreds of idioms and colloquial expressions your colleagues and patients will use.

Pre-recorded training videos

3 live Q&A sessions

2 live practice/discussion sessions

Course certificate

How The Course Will Help You

About The Course Instructor

Rachel Dexter

Rachel has over 12 years experience working in the NHS, over 3 years experience teaching English as a second language, and first hand experience of living and working overseas. She now devotes her time to  encouraging, equipping and empowering international doctors to thrive in the UK.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for foreign doctors and healthcare professionals who plan to work or are already working in the UK.

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