Encouraging, Equipping, Empowering UK IMGs

Course Curriculum

Session 1:

What is communication – the foundation

Session 2:

Building rapport

Session 3:

Social conversations with colleagues

Session 4:

Learning to listen

Session 5:

Empathy and conflict

Session 6:

Cultural insights

Session 7:

Breaking bad news

Session 8:

Telephone consultations

Session 9:

British humour

Session 10:

Moving forward with a positive your mindset

What People Say About The Course

Kuljyot Bajaj

Burns and Plastics

I did a Healthy English course in December 2020 focused on interpersonal skills with patients delivered to me by Rachel and I must say that it was absolutely fantastic.

Having already stayed in the UK for 4 years at the time of course, I was completely baffled to learn I was still unaware about British communication. Rachel helped me improve in my communication skills and as a result I not only did pass my fellowship exam but also got to be a better communicator in daily dealings with my patients.

I would recommend this to anyone who is new who wants to make a difference in their practice in the NHS UK. Thank You Rachel.

Vijaykumar Mundeshi

Pediatric Registrar at Royal Infirmary of Edinburg

Heathy English Course by Rachel Dexter is very helpful for international graduates coming to UK, and specifically designed for doctors.

It has improved my communications skills with patients and colleagues and in everyday life as well.

This course gives a direction as to how you begin with improving your communication.

No matter which stage  you are in your career and how long you have been in UK, if you feel I have to communicate differently and more effectively , Healthy English course will make a difference.

Hemen Salih

Consultant Radiologist at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

It was a great opportunity to attend and complete the online course “Encouraging, Equipping, Empowering UK IMGs” with Rachel. The course did helped me to further understand UK culture and enhance my social relations with work colleagues.

The course also helps to understand what patients in the UK want from doctors and how to build trust and work as a team with our patients. You will also get a free 1hr coaching and feedback session with Rachel if you watch all the videos and complete the google forms.

It was a really useful course and I wish I had attended the course when I first arrived in the UK in early 2020. I do recommend this course for every international doctor who is new to the NHS. Many thanks Rachel! 

Rajan Chopra, MD FRCPath

Consultant Histopathologist at Blackpool Fylde and Wyre Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Rachel’s work helps international doctors to develop appropriate & effective practice of English in UK. Her ‘Healthy English’ courses include discussion of various conversation facets while interacting with colleagues, social acquaintances and patients/patients relatives; which is quite useful in developing professional relationships and developing functional communication. I have been impressed by the useful insights offered in this course for the English usage as well as into the non-verbal communication.

I have definitely benefitted from attending it; and I can recommend it not only for the international doctors but also for any doctor/health care worker aspiring to develop effective communication skills.

naglaa gouda

Pediatric consultant

I found the course very concise and organized with a lot of tips and advise for a new doctor coming to work in Uk from overseas.

Helpful tips to manage conflict and communication ideas in breaking bad news . It also help to understand British humor and deal with your colleague

About The Course Instructor

Rachel Dexter

Rachel has over 12 years experience working in the NHS, over 3 years experience teaching English as a second language, and first hand experience of living and working overseas. She now devotes her time to  encouraging, equipping and empowering international doctors to thrive in the UK.

How The Course Works?

The 20 day group course runs each month starting on the 1st and is delivered through a private Facebook group. Every morning for the first 10 days you will receive a link to access a training video of around 30 minutes long. These 10 videos are pre-recorded and can be watched whenever your schedule allows within the 20 days.

Bonus resource explaining hundreds of idioms and colloquial expressions your colleagues and patients will use.

Pre-recorded training videos

3 live Q&A sessions

2 live practice/discussion sessions

Course certificate

How The Course Will Help You

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for foreign doctors and healthcare professionals who plan to work or are already working in the UK.

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