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TrewLink was founded by people who witnessed first-hand how difficult leaving your home country to forge a path in a new one is, trying to navigate new systems and cultures but often wondering ‘what’s next, not only me and my career, but my family too? That’s why we built TrewLink, a peer-to-peer support platform that provide access to trusted information and mentors all in one place.

Why It Is Important To Receive IMG Support & Advice

‘My PLAB journey was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride as I completed it through the pandemic. At the beginning of my journey, there were very few PLAB specific resources , but with a boom in the number of PLABers in recent times, aspirants have access to a wider variety of blogs and tools. However in the era of information overload, as an expert at TrewLink I aim to signpost fellow IMGs to the right resources to help them get where they mean to, while feeling supported throughout the journey. I hope to join you on your journey to a career in the NHS!” Himani – TrewLink Community Expert

”As an IMG myself, I am well aware of the steps an IMG has to go through to work in the UK. Often a lot of IMGs lack the knowledge about the amazing working and training opportunities in the UK. Every IMG has had their own struggles in this journey and so have I. I think I can use this knowledge, that I learned through my journey, to make it easier for others and to help and guide them. I have been helping out a lot of junior doctors, who aspire to come to the UK.” Lekshmi – TrewLink Community Expert

What Is IMG Support & Advice?

IMG Support Advice covers advice and support across the following areas:

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How The Service Works?

Ask our community experts for advice and guidance.

        Register on and select ‘Ask a Question’ and select ‘submit’ – one of our community experts will get back to you.


How The Service Will Help You

TrewLink community experts are IMGs themselves who are successfully working within the NHS currently, and would like to share their stories and learnings with those who are just beginning their own journey by providing FREE support and advice to International Medical Graduates (IMGs) who are working towards building a career in the NHS.

About The Service Provider


TrewLink: TrewLink is the first peer-to-peer support platform helping International Medical Graduates(IMGs) transition into a career in a new country. Starting with the UK and the NHS, our mission is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to do their best work and live their best lives, wherever they choose for that to be.

Our vision is to create a home away from home for IMGs.

Who Is This Service For?

IMGs wanting to begin or advance on their journey to the UK

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