PLAB 2 Face-to-Face (in Manchester) and Online Course Bundle

Course Curriculum



Day 1:

The UK consultation model overview and revision

PLAB 2 overview

Time management – how to get maximum marks

Difficult consultations – examples and practice, the angry/upset/demanding patient

Breaking bad news – getting it right

Palliative care consultations

How to deal with clinical uncertainty

The acutely unwell patient – practice

Mock stations – live practice and feedback

Day 2:

Mannequin practice

Upper limb examination

Lower limb examination

Abdominal examination

Surgical and orthopaedic examination

Procedural skills including i.m and subcutaneous injections, venepuncture, arterial blood gas, cannulation, suturing and I.V fluids

Day 3:

Mock stations and live analysis involving small groups – covering a wide range of example clinical stations

Individualised feedback to each candidate

Practice clinical skills and mannequin practice


Online Course 

A summary of the topics covered is as follows:

• Full briefing on the PLAB 2 examination & what happens on the day of the exam
• Communication Skills
• U.K Medical ethics in the U.K and their application in the exam
• Challenging consultations: The angry patient/upset patient, and confidentiality
• Obstetrics & Gynaecology
• Paediatrics
• Neurology and neurosurgery
• Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine
• Endocrinology
• Gastroenterology
• General Surgery
• Ear Nose and Throat Medicine
• Emergency Medicine & Management of Unwell Patient
• Psychiatry
• Urology and renal medicine
• Genitourinary Medicine
• Ophthalmology
• Orthopaedics
• RheumatologyData interpretation stations
• How to deal with Clinical uncertainty
• Case Studies with ethical and legal considerations
• Practical and procedural skills

What People Say About The Course

Faheem Yaqub Shah

“simple ,precise and excellent”

“This course is concise and well arranged,would be great if you can add some physical examination videos which each system.Excellent work by Dr.Bhat and Dr.Ahmed . Thanks for providing these videos and the content with it.”

Terrance Theresion Adrian 

“The course is well organized with clear explanations.”

Sharanya Ramakrishnan

One-of-a-kind course for PLAB 2!”

“Hello Doctors, I am beyond glad that I enrolled for this course. It was everything that I was looking for! Best part is that, it is very organized and user-friendly. The tutors, Dr. Butt and Dr. Ahmed were very thorough with the topics. The face to face and telephone consultations that they have done, gave me a very clear picture of how the exam is going to be. They also help webinars for the students, and were very gentle and kind to us. All the topics are covered in this course. “

Muhammad Kamal Anwar 

A Must Invaluable Video course for all IMGs who are preparing for PLAB -2 Online.”

“I am honored to be a part of this Academy, as an IMG from Pakistan. I want to thank all of the Trewlink team from my depth core of my prayers esp. both Drs. and to the entire team who put their dedicated efforts to made this possible with HIS Almighty. This PLAB 2 Online course is a must precisely and clearly understandable audio visually memorable Video, they explained with in a simplest way to go thru each station step by step, in this pandemic situation in which most IMGs are struggling to land UK for PLAB – 2 dates and courses to appear in PLAB – 2 UK, just like me. ”

About The Course Instructor

TrewLink Academy

This course is brought to you by TrewLink Academy, our new initiative to help IMGs aiming to work in the UK by providing access to a range of quality and affordable learning content, and our partners, a group of UK practicing doctors and ex-GMC PLAB examiners with experience of helping IMGs pass their PLAB 2 exams.

How The Course Works?

This unique hybrid PLAB 2 course gives you the best of both worlds: 3 months of UNLIMITED access to our entire online PLAB 2 preparation courses with regular webinars. 3 days of intensive face-to-face preparation designed and taught by fully qualified UK-based practicing Doctors.


This course allows you to prepare for the PLAB 2 exam around your work schedule in your home country. The 3 day intensive face to face course will help prepare you in a way where you will practice and learn how to deal with difficult consultations, time management to get the maximum marks as well as mannequin practice and mock stations. The tutors will be on hand throughout the 3-day intensive face-to-face preparation course and all feedback is given in a supportive and friendly environment to help you get the best outcome for your PLAB 2 exam and be ready for your journey to working as a Doctor within the United Kingdom.

SimMan/Manikin Practice

Practice clinical skills on SimMan/manikin, receive feedback on your performance and participate in a live analysis. Individualized feedback to each candidate.

Mock Stations

Mock stations and live analysis involving small groups - covering a wide range of example clinical stations.

Organised content

More than 70 hours of content. A case is attached to each topic. Each topic is organised in an easy to navigate library of content which you can access at your convenience.

Written by practicing UK doctors

Taught by fully qualified UK-based practicing Doctors and designed by highly qualified and experienced Doctors.

How The Course Will Help You

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for foreign doctors and healthcare professionals who plan to work in the UK.

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