Financial Advice

Living and working in the UK can be as rewarding as it is challenging. As well as the practicalities of making the move, there are a number of tax and financial considerations you need to be aware of.

Why It Is Important To Learn About Financial Advice

The UK tax system can be complicated, but through planning, you can reduce your tax exposure and protect your wealth. A solid financial plan as well as making use of your employee benefits as a doctor can contribute greatly to your financial wellbeing – all with one eye on the prospect of you returning to your country of origin in the future.

What Is Financial Advice?

A robust financial plan includes consideration of the following:

– NHS Pensions
– Tax considerations as an international doctor in the UK
– Building a financial plan
– Employee benefits

Featured Course: Free Webinar – Financial tips for IMGs: How much does a doctor earn in the UK?

How The Course Works?

Free recorded 60-minute webinar accessible on

How The Course Will Help You

TrewLink, in collaboration with Dr Michael Poplawski, an IMG and a GP based in Manchester, will share with you the details of how much you can earn as an IMG doctor in the UK and the general cost of living in the UK depending on where you live.

Join us for a 60-minute webinar to understand more about doctor salary in the UK, things you would be able to afford and money-saving tips.

About The Course Instructor

Dr Michael Poplawski

I’m Mike, a general practitioner working in Greater Manchester, UK. I’m also a music producer and medical university tutor. I make videos about medicine and productivity. I am also the author of the medical audiobook “GP on the Move: A Practical Audio Guide to the Clinical Management of Common Everyday GP Scenarios” which you can purchase for the best price on

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for foreign doctors and healthcare professionals who plan to work or are already working in the UK.

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