Acute Internal Medicine

We know that starting a job in Acute Medicine in the UK can be daunting for graduates of foreign medical schools.

Why It Is Important To Learn About Acute Internal Medicine

 Most junior doctors (including IMGs) that work in Internal Medicine in the UK will have as part of their job role, clinical commitments (on-call) in Acute Internal Medicine. Some will rotate through the specialty for a 4 or 6-month placement as part of a broader training programme and some will be employed as Trust doctors in Acute Internal Medicine or other medical specialties (For example – you may have a job in Gastroenterology, but your on-call responsibilities will be in Acute and General Internal Medicine). It is important that IMGs understand how acute medical cases are managed in the UK, based on clinical guidelines and ethical principles, which is often different to clinical practice in countries from which IMGs have migrated.

What Is Acute Internal Medicine?

Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) is concerned with the assessment, diagnosis and management of adults presenting to secondary care with acute medical illness. There is a broad spectrum of clinical work within the specialty (JRCPTB, 2021)

Featured Course: Acute Medicine for International Medical Graduates (IMGs), UK

How The Course Works?

A one-day online workshop aims to support international medical graduates, new to acute care practice in the NHS, with skills to enable confident management of acute medical patients through the use of a wide range of clinical case scenarios and interactive content.

How The Course Will Help You

A workshop like Acute Medicine for Internal Medical Graduates UK helps to give good grounding in what IMGs need to know and the expectations around their practice – either at Foundation or early Specialty training.

About The Course Instructor

Crowther Lane

Crowther Lane delivers online medical and dental education events to undergraduate students and postgraduate doctors and dentists.

Led by NHS Consultants:

Akin Falayajo has been an NHS consultant in Acute Medicine in

England since 2012. Akin has been Head of Service for Emergency Medicine and Acute Medicine (2014-2017) in the NHS and is currently the Lead Physician for a countywide Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT) service. In 2021, he was awarded Emergency and Critical Healthcare Professional of the Year at the National BAME Health and Care Awards in the UK.

Arjun Ghosh is a consultant cardiologist at Barts Heart Centre (BHC), St.
Bartholomew’s Hospital, London and at University College London
Hospital (UCLH) and honorary senior lecturer (associate professor)
at University College London (UCL) and Queen Mary University of
London (QMUL).

Charlotte Tai is a Respiratory and Critical Care Consultant at Barts
Health NHS Trust, one of England’s biggest NHS Trusts.
Born in the UK, and raised in Singapore, Charlotte returned to the
UK in 2003 to begin medical training at the University of Glasgow.

Who Is This Course For?

This workshop aims to equip you with the skills to hit the ground running in your first job in acute or general medicine – whether as a:
Foundation Doctor
GP/Internal Medicine Trainee
Trust or Specialty Doctor
Locum Doctor

It is also relevant to doctors working in Emergency Medicine who deal with acute medical cases in the first four hours of the patient’s journey.

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